MODULARI SCREEN is a unique modular system created to define, divide and decorate your home or office. The screens can be used as a room partition, window shade, or as a decorative visual element on your wall. MODULARI’S contemporary design combined with a unique linking system gives you endless possibilities redefine your space. SEE THE GALLERY

MODULARI SCREEN is MODERN, FUNCTIONAL and EXPANDABLE. With easy assembly and affordability, this modular screen system is the design solution to achieve your aesthetic vision.

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MODULARI’S unique and patented linking system allows for easy assembly and freedom of design. Modulari Screen Covered By US and International Patents
Each module is 12 in. sq.
Step One - Choose Your Screen
Only One More Step

 Step Two - Link The Screens
Modulari Screen - Leaf Style
Modulari Screen - Swirl Style
Modulari Screens Are Available In Black And White
Choose from 2 designs, LEAF or SWIRL , and 2 colors, BLACK or WHITE personalize your environment. Or use in combination to create your own design.

Made from a lightweight, non-toxic, EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate), and using low impact manufacturing, MODULARI Screen is a product requiring fewer resources to produce, easy to maintain, store and recycle.

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Each box set contains 12 X Modules 1 ft. sq.modules, assembly instructions and hardware for easy installation with minimal tool requirements. One set linked together will create a 36 X 48in. (9.3 ft. sq.) panel. With each additional set, MODULARI Screen can expand to any desired size. The possibilities are limitless.

GALLERYSee the gallery of Modulari Screens

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